Italian appetizer "Caprese»
The bright colors of the Italian flag and a bright taste of summer – that's what a Caprese salad. And don't forget to chill the wine!
Spaghetti with seafood
Spectacular, tasty and healthy dish
Pizza "Diablo»
Many believe that to eat real pizza I must go to Italy, the homeland of this dish. Ready to convince you!
Meat lasagna
Lasagna is a delicious Italian dish.
Grilled salmon with wild rice
Special, excellent, unique aroma and divine taste
Popular dish
salmon, or veal with tomatoes
Grilled Dorado
with blanched vegetables in ginger sauce
with prawns and cherry tomatoes
Caramel cake
with peach
Our restaurant
Villa Pasta on Pyatnitskaya
Moscow, Pyatnitskaya str., 26
+7 (495) 953-16-60, +7 (495) 953-16-47
Every day
Parking, wifi, Banquet facilities
location map
Villa Pasta in New Arbat
Moscow, Novy Arbat str., 11
+7 (495) 114-53-53, +7 (495) 114-54-54
Every day
Car Park, Wi-Fi, Banquet hall, children's room
location map:
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Villa Pasta – the most delicious Italian restaurant in the heart of Moscow

The restaurant original Italian cuisine Pasta Villa is situated in the conservation area of Moscow on Pyatnitskaya street and the second new restaurant on New Arbat street. They coexist with the cultural heritage of the Russian Federation, the largest operating Orthodox temples on the main streets of the capital, the streets and attractions of the old town. The earliest evidence of the location of the temple, near which is the restaurant on Pyatnitskaya date back to the year 1612 in connection with the fighting of the Russian militia, in a rematch to stop the Polish infantry Klimentevsky jail.

The land on which is located a summer terrace cafe restaurant Italian cuisine Pasta Villa, located just ten meters from the modern fence of the temple. Formed along the trade road in the Tula and Ryazan about the same time Pyatnitskaya street for more than four hundred years, retains the function of the commercial artery of the city. On the street of a length slightly less than two kilometers away is the incredible number of commercial properties, including inexpensive Italian restaurants and bars, cafés, Italian ice-cream, the best Italian cafe in Moscow.

Restaurant VillaPasta – piece Italian Tuscan in Moscow

The mystery of comfort, enhanced by the combination of a sleek interior, made in the same Tuscan style all rooms, unobtrusive, friendly service of the staff of gourmet Italian cuisine, Villa Pasta and more than affordable prices, makes visitors who once visited here, back again this comfortable corner of the historical center of Moscow.

The professionalism of the team of chefs and knowledge of old Italian recipes allow visitors of restaurants to choose from a menu of Italian pizza or menu of the Italian restaurant with prices not only the most popular dishes of restaurants of Italian cuisine, but dishes from the chef of Anatoly Malyshev. Friendly team of Villa Pasta restaurants can offer menus to suit all occasions, such as Banquet menu, Italian cuisine, Italian dinner, Italian pasta, summer menu in an Italian restaurant and other.

The halls located on two floors of the Villa Pasta restaurants and a summer terrace, quite isolated from each other, to guests who prefer to spend time in the quiet comfort of a trusting family environment, did not prevent the echoes of fun banquets, weddings and other loud events held in the great hall.

VillaPasta caring for the comfort of visitors throughout

Despite its compact size, clock mode restaurants Villa the Pasta allows it to serve a significant number as the regulars and casual visitors. Available at the entrance to an Italian Villa Pasta restaurants pay car Park enables visitors to the restaurant, arriving by private vehicle, to Park their equipment in range of the car alarm.

Like many other units of chain of Italian restaurants, cafes and bars Gourmet Alliance, Pasta restaurants Villa very well located relative to the metro stations. Mysteriously the front entrance to the Villa Pasta restaurants is at a distance of about two hundred meters from the entrance/exit stations Tretyakovskaya and Novokuznetskaya, Arbat, Smolensk, Lenin Library. We can assume that the scale of the city's Italian café at the Tretyakov, an Italian café in Novokuznetsk, an Italian café on the Arbat, an Italian café at Smolensk – is the same institution that is Italian cuisine – Pasta Villa.