Anatoly Malyshev - chef of the restaurant "Villa Pasta" on Pyatnitskaya, 26. He was born in 1992 in Donetsk, then moved to Moscow with his parents. Graduated from Moscow state University of technology and management. K. G. Razumovskogo.

he began His career in 2009 in the restaurant "Chin Chin" as a cook of the hot shop, where a year later, thanks to his perseverance and efforts, he became a sous-chef. In 2011 he was invited to the position of sous-chef in the cafe "De Marco", network "Gourmet Alliance" . Since 2013, he headed the kitchen of the restaurant "Villa Pasta", where to this day he is engaged in what makes him happy - expresses love for his work in the taste of the dish, in the preparation of the menu, in the selection of products.

He, as a true Chef, always up to date with the latest gastronomic trends, seeks to adopt the best of the world experience. Special attention is paid to Italian cuisine. Many dishes of our restaurant are made according to the author's recipes of our chef, each with its own history and a long search for the perfect combination of criteria such as tasty and healthy!

a Young, promising, professional and talented chef Anatoly Malyshev every day takes care that You, our dear guests of the restaurant Villa Pasta, can taste the best dishes in the city, and Your impressions of the events were unforgettable!


Anatoly Malyshev

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