on Pyatnitskaya and Bolshaya Dmitrovka

This night we waited especially... Waited with fear, despair, horror and... with incomparable pleasure, because to tickle the nerves and get your dose of adrenaline is a special, sophisticated thrill!

Friends, November 1 at Pyatnitskaya, 26 and Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 32, p. 1 will be a special holiday! But will he be cheerful and calm? The first-100%, and about the second we have big doubts... we Wish you good luck and hold out until the morning, if you, of course, survive!

On this day, your most secret fears will come to life, you will meet a terrifying monster-a clown Pennywise, whose terrible laughter will haunt you everywhere!

Are you ready to face your fear? Then welcome to Villa Pasta on Pyatnitskaya and Bolshaya Dmitrovka on Halloween-2019!


Villa Pasta B. Dmitrovka: COVER BAND / DJ

Start: 20.00

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